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Quilts of Valor

Quilts of Valor (QoV) groups have been stitching quilts with love, prayers and healing thoughts since 2003 when Catherine Roberts founded the Quilts of Valor Foundation (www.qovf.org). Our mission is to honor veterans who have been touched by war with a carefully made, pieced and quilted Quilt of Valor. It says "Thank you for serving your nation through your service and sacrifice.” MMQG QoV quilters serve veterans within the 5 counties in western NC (Cherokee and Clay Counties) and northern GA (Fannin, Union, and Towns Counties). The Quilts of Valor Outreach group of MMQG meets the FIRST THURSDAY and the THIRD WEDNESDAY of every month at the Coosa United Methodist Church in Blairsville, GA, from 9:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. We have many tasks all levels of quilters can assist with in the quiltmaking process – making blocks, pressing blocks, cutting batting and backings, etc. Join us! 

Requesting a Quilt of Valor is very easy.  Here's how:


1.  Go to the web page for the Quilts of Valor Foundation – www.qovf.org, and click on the RED BUTTON link near the top center of the page that says “Learn How to."  That opens a drop-down box.


2.  In the drop-down box, scroll to the link that says “Request a Quilt of Valor."  Click on that, read the instructions on the page as you are scrolling down, and then click on the button at the bottom of that page that says “Request a Quilt of Valor."  Then begin to enter the information that is needed to process the request. Information needed includes whether the veteran has received a quilt before or not, and basic contact information for the veteran – name, address, phone, email, their branch of service, years of service, and country or conflict where the veteran was deployed. Also, if you are not the veteran, please enter your contact information as the person nominating this veteran for a Quilt of Valor -- name, phone, and email. You can also write in any Comments you would like to make, such as which awards or medals the veteran received while serving, length of total military service, etc. The request goes to the national web page, then the state coordinator, and then the request is sent to the QoV group closest to where the veteran lives.  It may take a few weeks for a confirmation email to be sent back to you as the nominator.


Thank you for nominating our honored veterans for a Quilt of Valor!

MMQG Quilts of Valor

Quilts of Valor Sew-Ins


Currently, all QOV Sew-In meetings at

Coosa United Methodist Church in Blairsville GA

are on hold due to the COVID-19 Restrictions

except by special appointment.

We hope to be able to get back together soon, but we must follow guidance from local government and QOVF National. Please check back to this page every

now and then as we begin to lift restrictions.


Additionally, all scheduled QOV award ceremonies are on hold per National QOVF guidance.  We want to protect the veterans and their families, and we know they want us to be protected, too. 


We continue to take requests for QOV, and we continue to make QOVs.  To request a Quilt of Valor, please go to the website www.qovf.org and scroll down the page to enter the request.


If you are a quilter, please join us in making Quilts of Valor for our veterans and wounded soldiers in your own home for now. For any questions, please contact the QOV Liaison, Susan Young, at slyoung28906@gmail.com and state in the message subject that it is a QOV question.