Programs & Workshops



Linda Daughtry

Activities with young people to develop their interest in working with fabric. Sun printing, Glue Gel Resist, Dawn Resist, Shaving Cream Marbling and Hammered Leaf and Flower Designs. Linda taught art for many years and knows what makes kids get involved with art quilting. She will have you itching to try the techniques with your grandkids.


Holly Anderson

Quilts of Gees Bend and Their Owners

In a land, not so far away, were some ladies and some cloth. They learned to make quilts to keep their families warm and to liven up their otherwise plain surroundings. Hear about their humble beginnings and their rise to fame.

Holly Anderson is a certified quilt appraiser, judge, past president of the Bulloch Hall Quilt Guild, and vice chair for the Georgia Quilt Project. She also teaches at Thread Bear Fabrics in Cumming, GA.

Contact: Susan Slaton