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JANUARY 28:  What Do You Do When You're Not Quilting?

What are you doing when you're not quilting? I don't mean the everyday stuff like cooking and cleaning, I mean the artistic stuff. The stuff that excites you and tickles your creative senses. Do you knit? Draw? Weave? Paint? There are so many ways to express ourselves, and I know this group has dabbled in many of them. Basket weaving, needlework, jewelry making...all sorts of crafts and art are a part of our lives outside quilting.

At the January meeting, I would like you to bring something from your other artistic life to show us and to say what it is that makes it an integral part of who you are. First, email or call me to get on the program. Don't be shy! You only have to show and tell for a minute or two and then you can join the group as an interested spectator. The meeting is on January 28th, so you have a while to look over your other interests and choose what to bring and talk about. It's okay to bring more than one thing or show us more than one different art or craft, if you do more than one. More is always better!

Please contact me!! I am relying on you to make the meeting fun and maybe get other members into what you find interesting to do!

Thanks, everyone.

Susan Slaton


FEBRUARY 25:  MMQG Members' Yard Sale

Contact: Susan Slaton