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Marietta Museum of History Presents New Exhibit:

Made by Her Hands

The Beauty, Warmth and Stories of Local Quilting
CONTACT:  Amy Reed
MARIETTA - The Marietta Museum of History is proud to present Made by Her Hands: The Beauty, Warmth and Stories of Local Quilting. This special exhibit highlights quilts made locally in Cobb County and the women who made them. History has often left women nameless, faceless and voiceless. They were referred to as Mrs. John Smith or Mrs. Henry Cole, without consideration of having a first name or an identity separate from their husbands. Despite being hidden from our documented past, they found ways to leave their marks behind. For many women, quilts like these are all that are left to prove their very existence.   Like the women who created them, these quilts provide warmth, comfort and leave hints to who they were. The quilt makers proudly left their marks on history in signatures and patterns. As pieces of art the quilts show individual creativity. Some even represent activism within the community as heirlooms auctioned off for charity.  
Join us as we gaze upon the beautiful stitching, patterns and fabric choices, and imagine who made the quilts, why they were made and what these women’s lives were like. Try to imagine what impact they had on our history and what kind of stories we could tell if documented history had also been herstory.    
When: February 27, 2020 through February 28, 2021 
Where: Marietta Museum of History, 1 Depot Street, Marietta, GA 30060
Cost: Included with regular museum admission  
The Marietta Museum of History uses ordinary objects to tell the extraordinary stories of Marietta and Cobb County’s rich history and culture. Galleries and exhibits cover topics such as military history, home life throughout the centuries, technology and local businesses from our past. 
The Marietta Museum of History is open Monday-Saturday, 10am till 4pm (check website for holiday closings)
Admission is $7 Adults, $5 Seniors and Students, 5 and under are free
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